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Season 1 - Western Australia

Episode 1 - Breaking Free

Debbie Dowden, cattle producer, Mid-West WA

Episode 2 - Till The Cows Come Home

Nicole May, dairy, Margaret River WA

Episode 3 - Diversify Or Die

Chris Higham, sheep & goat, Gascoyne WA

Episode 4 - The Accidental Farmer

Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Episode 5 - Finger On The Pulse

Nicole Batten, grain & livestock, Mid-West WA

Episode 6 - Against The Tide

Joanne Symonds, fruit grower, Carnarvon WA

Episode 7 - Let's Woman Up

Darrylin Gordon, pastoralist, Kimberley WA

Episode 8 - Blooming Business

Kathy Cameron, flower farmer, Metricup WA

Episode 9 - Grown With Love

Melissa Charlick, market gardener, Perth WA

Episode 10 - Skills For Life

Tanuja Sanders, olive grower, Parkfield WA

Episode 11 - Building Bridges

Annabelle Coppin, beef producer, Pilbara WA

Episode 12 - Calming The Waters

Rhonda Westerberg, seafood producer, Albany WA

Episode 13: To Her Own Tune

Suzie Muntz, grape grower, Margaret River WA

Episode 14: Fitbit for Sheep

Belinda Lay, sheep farmer, Esperance WA

Episode 15: Bitten by the Bug

Paula Pownall, insect farmer, Coolup WA

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