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Visible Farmer

It’s time to put a spotlight on the long hidden face of agriculture. Meet the incredible women who produce half of all you eat.

49% of all food in Australia is produced by women

The Visible Farmer film project is criss-crossing the country to discover the untold stories of the gutsy women behind our food and fibre, and the vital, innovative role they play.
From remote outback stations to urban market gardens, it’s a journey that will change our perception of who a farmer is.

Each episode of this 15 part web-series is an inspiring story with passion and substance, as diverse as the industry the women are working in and the challenges they face.

Season 1 - Western Australia

Visible Farmer's first season of 15 episodes featuring female farmers in Western Australia. Go over to our 'Watch' page to see the episodes.

Visible Farmer Women
Walk with us...hear our story. We need to feed people and we need support to look after this country.
Annabelle Coppin, Pastoralist, Yarrie Station, Pilbara

Episodes will be posted fortnightly.

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Get behind Visible Farmer

Visible Farmer puts the spotlight on two pressing issues:
gender equality and food security, both are vital for the future of our country.
This unique documentary series will change perceptions and inspire new generations of women to help shape the future of Australia's sustainable food production.

Join the movement, share the films, spread the word, encourage other women and support women farmers.
Gisela Kaufmann, Director Visible Farmer

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